ATEX Hazardous Area LED Flood Lights - EX

This LED Floodlite is CE marked to the ATEX Directive and IECEx Certified, for safe use in Zone 1 potentially explosive gas and Zone 21 explosive dust atmospheres, where a T4 temperature class permits. Delivering an impressive flood of brilliant white light from an array of 48 high power LEDs, it has an output of 3,300 lumens, equivalent to a 200w halogen incandescent lamp, but because of the far greater efficiency, it has significantly lower power consumption at only 58 watts. One benefit of this is that the unit runs at a much lower temperature, eliminating the risk of burns when handling. This Floodlite is cable powered, and can be run with voltages of 100 to 254V AC or 24 AC/DC.

Lamps are supplied with 10 meters of SY cable as standard, fitted with an ATEX plug to suit intended supply voltage (110V, 230V or 24V). For mains voltages a lamp fitted with an ATEX socket is For mains voltages a lamp fitted with an ATEX socket is available allowing quick and easy setup of multiple LED Floodlites.




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